Johnny be Good


Peggy Lynch has too many children and too much to do. 

Unlike the pampered wives in her affluent Long Island suburb, Peggy works full-time while raising five children. Maybe if her lazy husband would get off his ass and help around the house once in a while, she’d have time to connect with her youngest child, Veronica, and be the kind of mother the young girl clearly longs for. But Peggy doesn’t have that luxury because if it wasn’t for Peggy and her nagging and cajoling, the whole damn family would fall apart.

Years have passed since her mother ruled the house and Veronica was an obedient little girl. Now, Veronica is moving into her childhood home with her handsome policeman husband and infant twins. She’s starting a new life. Veronica should finally be happy.

While cleaning out her old bedroom, Veronica finds a letter from her now dead mother. If Veronica were smart, she’d burn that letter. Leave the family secrets buried with the dead. But as her mother so often said, Veronica’s never been that smart. 

Veronica rips open the envelope and proves her mother right.